Planning for the Future


The start of a new year is a good time to start planning for the future. And in some cases, far into the future for the adult children of seniors.

It’s called the 40/70 rule, which suggests by the time adult children approach the age of 40 and their parent or parents hit the age of 70, is a good time to start planning for their loved ones future care.

“It’s a plan to help adult children talk with their mother or father or loved one about financial decisions, health care decisions, even end of life decisions to really determine what best next steps are needed in order to alleviate conflict, alleviate difficult conversations,” says Adam Bokker, Home Instead Senior Care.

Adam Bokker says it’s not an easy discussion to have but he says it’s a lot easier to do before something catastrophic forces a family to talk about it. But Bokker says just talking about long term care plans isn’t enough by itself to make sure those plans actually come to fruition.

“Having the discussions are great but more importantly, have those discussions documented, advance directives, medical powers of attorney, financial powers of attorney, get those things documented because then everyone within the family will understand who’s responsible for for which action,” says Bokker.

And he says having that talk proactively gives seniors themselves the chance to make sure their own wishes are known and followed. Home Instead offers a website with tips on how to start that conversation, we’ve put a link to it here.

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