Pittsburg’s Memorial Auditorium holds first “art camp”


Even though a lot of kids were out of school today, one group of Southeast Kansas students didn’t let that keep them from learning. 

Today was the first “art camp” at Pittsburg’s Memorial Auditorium. Tricia Hobbs says the goal is to help in several ways, for example with soft skills like communication and even teamwork. But what you may not realize is the more traditional skills, like science and math, that go into helping these kids create their own masterpieces.

“We’re drawing toucans, and we’re also going to paint them,” says Jasmine Camp.

And while it may seem like they’re just having fun, eight year old Jasmine Camp says they’re really doing a learning exercise.

“It involves making straight lines and how to make shapes and stuff like that,” says Camp.

Art teacher Tricia Hobbs says that’s not the only skills the kids are practicing today.

“There’s math, there’s science, there’s fine motor control. Art is so important, it brings all the parts, academics together,” says Tricia Hobbs.

Hobbs has been teaching art for more than two decades, first in Colorado, then in Tulsa, now in Pittsburg. She says the secret behind art classes like this one is it gives the kids a fun way to engage with lessons learned in the classroom.

“The kids don’t even know that they’re learning because they’re having so much fun,” says Tricia Hobbs.

Ten year old Emma Bin says there’s more than just a little bit of truth to that.

“Because you have to be focused and you have to know what you’re doing for it to work,” says Emma Bin.

And while the kids say it’s nice to find a practical way to use what they learned in class, it’s the actual painting that’s their favorite part of the day.

“Because I like the colors and the textures and stuff,” says Bin.

You can find a link to learn more about art parts here. Hobbs says the plan is to teach once a week, and is in the process of putting together after school programs with at least one district. She says they’ll also offer art camps at Memorial Auditorium in Pittsburg once school is out.

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