Pittsburg works to reassure residents amid outbreak


PITTSBURG, Ks. — The city of Pittsburg reassures residents they’ll get what they need if a mandated quarantine were to happen.

What are city officials saying?

City leaders say utilities will not be shut off and first responders will still answer to emergencies during the covid-19 outbreak.

Daron Hall, Pittsburg City Manager, said, “The city’s going to stay open. You know we’re open 24/7. We’ve closed a lot of facilities, but in general we’re going to be open regardless through all of this as any good government would be.”

As of Friday, all Pittsburg City Facilities and Schools remain closed due to covid-19.

Some businesses have shut their doors and restaurants are providing carry out and delivery services.

If a lock-down were to occur, the Pittsburg Emergency Operations Center would coordinate with partners for the next steps.

But residents will not have to worry about running water or electric.

“The utilities department is one of our entities that’s been set up to be operated remotely, so really we could have one person, an operator, offsite at their house or wherever, the cab of their truck for that matter, monitoring the levels, monitoring the treatment procedures that are going on.”

The Pittsburg Police Department is still responding to emergencies, but their day-to-day operations have changed, including how they handle routine or non-emergency reports.

Major Tim Tompkins, Pittsburg Police Department, said, “My bicycle got stolen a week ago, chances are we’re probably going to call you on the phone and just do that over the phone rather than in person, but again we want to insure the public understands that if you need us, call us and we will be there.”

Pittsburg PD wants residents to know they are here for them.

“Try to be calm, you know this is a challenging situation for all of us and rest assured we’ll get through this together. Just be good to one another and help out where you can.”

If the police department and other agencies need to be quarantined due to covid-19, they’ll be handling it case by case.

The city of Pittsburg says they want to hear from residents on how they can help.

The City’s contact information is provided below.


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