Pittsburg to study water quality


PITTSBURG, Ks. — A new study in Pittsburg will soon take a look at the city’s water quality.

What exactly do city officials have planned? The city will be partnering with the engineering team at Olsson for a water treatment plant odor study. This is all in hopes to remove an egg smell which has been coming from the water the plant gets from their wells.

Bradley Hartman, Pittsburg Resident, said, “I mean we kinda joke about it, but sometimes it is a problem, but it is just kind of those things you’re kinda used to.”

The presence of hydrogen sulfide in the water can sometimes lead to a funny odor. But this is soon going to change with the city of Pittsburg launching a new water treatment study.

Daron Hall, Pittsburg City Manager, said, “Basically it’s a study to treat the hydrogen sulfide that’s in the water that we bring up out of the well for our drinking water. Right now we have a way to treat it, but it doesn’t treat enough of it.”

Currently they run hydrogen peroxide gas to remove the smell, but it’s only for one of the wells. And when it’s cold it can become a bigger problem.

“With the ceiling that we have because its so cold, you can definitely have days when it hangs instead of floating off into space, and so when it hangs, it just kind of moves around and people can smell it.”

With the city growing, Pittsburg wants to fix the smell as soon as possible.

“The fact that there is a new residential development right next to that well is creating part of the problem as well. With all the growth, if you’re using more wells and using them during the day, then there’s more of the smell.”

As well as create a system which can expand as the city grows.

“We need a system that can basically replicate the small system we have right now, and be expandable and treat all the wells anytime during the day. Let’s go ahead and get rid of it completely.”

Helping residents, both present and future, enjoy water free of smell.

“It’s great to see our community caring for the residents and making living here better for the residents of Pittsburg,” said Hartman.

The city doesn’t expect to have this study take too long, when I was talking to hall he said it should be finished sometime this year. After the study the city should be provided with at least four options from Olsson to treat the water at the plant.

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