Pittsburg to bring down old building due to safety hazards


The building located on Fifth Street has even become a hazard for the city. Referred to as the “yost” building by city manager Daron Hall, the two-story structure situated between Dittman Insurance and the Fifth Street Bar and Grill has been unoccupied for more than five years.

“The building moved and it already moved about six months ago away from the structure and the sod, and it moved again. The high winds we had a couple weeks ago so we took a look at it. It moved about three inches within the last month, it’s become pressing,” says Daron Hall.

The city felt the building needed to be torn down and took from the city budget to make the demolition possible.

“$188,000 dollars to tear that building down. Big move by the city commission doing it. It was a public safety issue,” says Daron Hall.

Bill Wachter is an attorney at a firm nearby. He feels the city of Pittsburg is making the right call.

“Well, they have to take care of the buildings in the downtown area. If they’re not maintained or they become a hazard, something has to be done about them,” says Bill Wachter.

The destruction of the building will open future opportunities. 

“Well probably the best thing we have going right now is an economic development opportunity to put something else in its place that’s new and that we’ll be able to have hopefully some housing in it and a commercial place below. That’s what we’re shooting for,” says Daron Hall.

Hall said the empty space will not be used for a new parking lot even though some residents feel there is more need for parking downtown. Crews will pick up debris following the demolition and the entire process should be complete in about five days.

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