Pittsburg Theatre Director receives honor


PITTSBURG, Ks. — A Southeast Kansas Theatre Director gets a special honor.

Dr. Angela Shaw, Greg’s Wife, said, “To have them come do a parade in front of our house it’s so very special. He hasn’t really been able to see or talk to any of the teachers or kids for a while.”

Pittsburg High School Theatre Director Greg Shaw is being inducted into the 2021 Kansas Thespian Hall of Fame.

“I think it’s incredible, he has been so instrumental in developing the theater department and they have been so supportive with everything that’s been going on.

To recognize the honor, Pittsburg High School students and staff had a drive-by parade for Shaw at his home. Where he’s getting care after being diagnosed with cancer.

“He has glioblastoma, which is a primary brain tumor, which by definition is stage 4 at diagnosis. So his initial diagnosis was last December.”

And unfortunately in August Shaw had a stroke–but those who know him best says he’s a fighter.

“Greg is very passionate. He’s passionate about our family, he’s passionate about his kids, our daughters, and he’s very passionate about theatre and his students.”

During the parade, Shaw was presented a plaque from Kansas Thespians, a chapter of the educational theatre association.

Jack Stefanoni, Student, said, “He was really like no other director I had, you know. He had this style of directing, it was just no nonsense, you got it done. He really pushed us to our limits, but we all still loved him. And he has this way of connecting with the kids that was like nothing else.”

Shaw taught at PHS for 13 years and continued directing last year as long as he was able before taking a leave of absence this fall.

“It’s great, I haven’t seen him in a while, it’s really nice just to see his face again.”

“We’re kind of at a point where we’re at a standstill right now and just praying for every day that we have together and every day that he can see his students and be around for us,” said Shaw.

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