A trip to the Pittsburg Taco Bell Thursday evening warmed Amanda Vanderford’s heart.

While eating her meal, she noticed an employee going above and beyond just serving food.

Her Facebook post below, just two hours after posting Thursday is surpassing 1,600 shares:

“Tonight we ate at Taco Bell and as we were trying to figure out what to order there was a guy who walked out of the bathroom. You could tell him guy was homeless. He carried 3 bags. One stuffed with a comforter. This employee asked him I’d he’d like to take a seat, so the homeless man did. This employee then proceeded to buy him food without question out of his own pocket.

After we were sitting there the employee continued to ask the guy a little about himself and explained that as a young boy he knew what it was like to go without food. Before the homeless guy left he thanked him and then also asked about applying for a job. The employee then took the time to explain to him how to apply and that even though it was online that the Pittsburg library has computers that he could use.

This is how every person should be. Willing to help no questions asked. This is what we need in this world. More people like him. More people who are kind, not because they have to but because they want to. The world would be so much better if everyone was as selfless as this one employee was.

Good job Taco Bell and a HUGE thank you to the employee that showed me that there are still people like you in this world!”

We spoke with Brandon Stephenson (employee in picture) about why he decided to lend a helping hand.

“My grandma Kelly raised me to do that and I think people should treat people that don’t have much better, than they are now. So I try to help people when I can,” said Stephenson.