Pittsburg store owner says the Chiefs’ success makes for good business


Local store owners say Patrick Mahomes is doing more than just leading the Chiefs to the playoffs.

Managers at the Jock’s Nitch in Pittsburg say as the year has gone on and Chiefs have won more games, sales have steadily climbed. They tell us some items, like Patrick Mahomes jerseys, have been sold out for a few weeks now. Managers say with a popular player like Mahomes on the team, sales could continue to climb if they Chiefs make a deep playoff run.

“If they make it to the Super Bowl, those two weeks will just, you know, it hasn’t happened since ’69, and there’s a lot of people have seen that, so it’ll be a pretty cool thing, a lot like the Royals when they went to the World Series, you know,” says Scott Ozier, Manager, Jock’s Nitch.

The Chiefs will host the Indianapolis Colts in the division round of the playoffs this Saturday right here on NBC. If they win that game, it’s on to the AFC Championship game.

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