Pittsburg schools superintendent addresses concerns towards emergency drills


Every school in Kansas is mandated to have at least 16 emergency drills a year, but some are saying that’s entirely too much.

Current regulations include 4 fire drills, 3 tornado drills and nine crisis drills. However some parents claim having that many drills might be a little excessive and even traumatize some children. Pittsburg schools superintendent says communicating when and what drills are taking place will help subside some of the uneasiness.

“You’ve got to be very cognizant of the age level your working with. What you’re talking to them about and what kind of drills you’re taking them through. And you need to prepare your staff, your students and the parents and the community to what you’re gonna do so you can stay out ahead of it,” says Rich Proffitt, Superintendent.

Right now Kansas leaders are leaning towards bringing the number down to 9. With the current laws in place, to keep up with protocol schools would need to have a drill every 11 days during a normal school year.

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