Pittsburg resident takes his love of brewing to the next level


One Pittsburg resident is taking his 20 year hobby to the next level.

Joel Stewart has been brewing his own beer for almost 20 years. And this summer he has plans on taking this hobby to the bar stools.

Stewart initially got an interest in beer making when he was younger as a fun way to challenge himself. Saying he didn’t know the day he randomly chose to pick up a beer making kit, would change his life.

“I was 20 at the time when I bought the kit, so it was kind of a loophole. And it was a fun challenge to me. So I just kept continuing doing it. Every time you brew you get a little bit better until you just understand the whole process,” says Joel Stewart, owner of Jolly Fox Brewery.

And the beer making process is an intricate one. Joel refers to it as making art, saying there’s many different tastes that can come out of yeast, grain, hops and water.

“I mean you can make it as easy as you want, you can make it like an Andy Warhol, just a simple painting. Or you can make it like a Jackson Pollock that’s very complicated and a lot of layers to it. So it just depends on what you’re comfortable with and what you work yourself up to,” says Joel Stewart.

And many years and cold brews later his hobby has grown and it will be making a debut this summer at his latest project–opening the Jolly Fox Brewery. Stewart says the project has been a labor of love and never imagined it to go this big.

“You gotta be tough, there’s no two ways about it. You gotta be tough to push something like this through. And it really, it really didn’t hit home to me until the building started going up of the magnitude of this project,” says Stewart.

Upon the opening of Jolly Fox Brewery, Stewart plans on brewing more than 600 gallons of beer each day. He is also looking to sell his beer throughout the region as well.

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