Pittsburg Recycles joins Block 22 family


Pittsburg Recycles is the newest member to be joining the Block 22 family.

The company prides itself on being the only curbside recycling service in the area. They started in Pittsburg about 2 years ago operating out of the founder’s home. However, now being able to work out of Block 22, the company is looking forward to their future.

“And so I saw this as a really great opportunity to have a space where I could dig in and do business and learn from all these other resources of other businesses and professionals, that are all in a really close space,” says Sarah Chenoweth, Co-Owner of Pittsburg Recycles.

Also just in time for their 2 year anniversary, the company is celebrating its 100th customer. And Pittsburg Recycles has recently extended its services to Parsons, in addition to serving the Fort Scott community.

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