Pittsburg police use doorbell camera to track down thief


“It’s just making everything a little more efficent. We are driven by information from the public, and this is just speeding up the ability for us to get that information,” explained Jordon Garrison with the Pittsburg Police Department.

And time is always of the essence for police. Last week, a resident told police a package on their porch had been stolen–but the thief was caught on camera.

“Our officers were able to identify the person stealing the package from that and conducted some follow-up investigation and found the suspect, and actually recovered the package later in the day.” Garrison added.

A few months ago, the Pittsburg Police Department partnered with Ring, which is a home surveillance company.

Having access to their neighbor’s Ring app helped them get a better perspective of their community.

“It’s like a 21st Century neighborhood watch, almost,” Garrison continued. “We get posts on there on a daily basis.”

The Pittsburg Police Department says the addition of Ring door bells has been paramount in solving some cases.

“In cases, if there has not been some type of video footage for this, it would have been extremely difficult for us to identify the suspect,” Garrison explained. “A lot of times these cases go unsolved because we really don’t have any witnesses and or any other leads to follow up on.”

Pittsburg PD recommends residents get the app even if they do not own a Ring doorbell. If they do that, they can get alerts for their neighborhood and stay safe.

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