Pittsburg PD sees improved public safety thanks to sales tax


The Pittsburg Police Department is reaping the benefits of a public safety sales tax.

The city of Pittsburg implemented a public safety tax in 2014. Since then, the Pittsburg Police Department was able to increase the police force by 25 percent. They added more divisions for investigations and more personnel analyze crime data.

“We have not only additional staffing on the street, have patrolmen on the streets, boots on the ground if you want to call it that. But we have those specialized units as well, such as our drug enforcement unit, a crime analysis unit, increased staffing in the communications division,” says Ch. Brent Narges.

And they made technological improvements to their dispatch and police report systems. Such as new software that makes it easier to contact other law enforcement facilities, as the previous system wasn’t as efficient.

“So with this combined platform, we’re able to see what’s going on, see where we can assist and just start pushing those resources out,” says Lt. Tim Tompkins.

The tax dollars have also allowed the department to receive more training. Instead of having the whole team go out for a training session, they now have a new approach.

“We’re able to send them off to these specialized trainings for a week long. Bring them back here so they can train the trainer and they can effectively train all of our staff. Bring those trainings in here and not send our staff away for extended periods of time,” says Lt. Tompkins.

The force says they plan to keep adding new enhancements to the department as they become necessary.

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