Pittsburg Lank Bank helping make underutilized properties productive again


PITTSBURG, Ks. — Nine new, moderate-income homes are set to be completed in Pittsburg this year.

Land Bank parcels are filling a gap in the current offerings in the market.

Brian Jones, Land Bank Board of Trustees, said, “They’ll be two bedroom, two bath, nice new houses for somebody to own in Pittsburg”

The city of Pittsburg Land Bank Program saw a lot of success in 2019 and is hoping to continue that streak in 2020

Quentin Holmes, Director, Housing & Community Development, City of Pittsburg, said, “The term land bank is interesting and it kind of makes people think of a bank, which it’s not. And then the fact that the city owns the property and is selling confuses people and maybe thinking that we’re trying to be a real estate company or something like that on the side, which is also not true.”

The goal of the Land Bank is to convert abandoned, tax-delinquent, or vacant homes or properties for productive use.

“Nobodies paying the taxes, nobody’s doing anything and by selling them into the land bank and back out into useful, We get taxes, we get home ownership,” said Jones.

After acquiring property, city officials sell it to new owners who could turn it into a productive space.

“We really saw an uptick of interest from the public and have sold several properties since then,” said Holmes.

When this home is complete it will be a three bedroom home ready for someone to move in

“What it does is it allows for homes to be built on properties that maybe will be more affordable for first time home buyers.”

25 properties have been sold, including a commercial space downtown.

51 properties still remain in the Land Bank.

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