Pittsburg High School’s Instrumental Music Director earns award


PITTSBURG, Ks. — Pittsburg High School’s Instrumental Music Director Cooper Neil has been named Pitsco Educator of the Year.

Cooper Neil, Pittsburg High School, said, “I would not call it a win, at all, because I don’t think that things like this should be labeled as a competition.”

Pitsco’s 2020 Educator of the Year, Cooper Neil, says he doesn’t do his job for the recognition or the awards.

“There were 3 incredible educators there last night and I come from a building and a district that is full of incredible educators and so I think it’s just silly to even determine that there is a best educator, but I got to go up on stage and accept that award on behalf of all of the fantastic educators in the area.”

The Pittsburg High School Instrumental Music Director has been teaching for 10 years, but he’s walked these halls long before that.

“I wanted to come here and make a difference in the high school that I graduated from and so I said I’l do five years here and now it’s completing my 10th year.”

Jeff Staley, Activities Director, Pittsburg High School, said, “He was one of the first faculty members that I ran into when I first came here. I’ve been here now starting my 4th year. I will never forget Mr. Neil he left an incredible first impression, how passionate he is for instrumental music and the second thing I noticed was how the kids interacted with him.”

“And I think part of the reason that I am here and I am still here is I enjoy the process of giving back to a community that has offered so much to me,” said Neil

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