Pittsburg High School searching for new principal


Pittsburg High School is now searching for a new principal.

After serving as the high school principal for the past two years Phil Bressler is resigning. While Bressler is set to finish out his contract with the school until June, the school board is in the process of narrowing down candidates to fill the position. And Pittsburg Community Schools Superintendent Rich Profitt says they are reviewing their top candidates to provide their students with a quality education.

“Education is changing and we’re gonna need somebody that has an understanding of what changes are taking place in Kansas with the Kansas State board’s ‘Kansas Can’ vision. And how they can move forward so that we’re really supplying the kids with the best education that we can possibly give them,” says Rich Profitt.

The school board is hoping they will have their candidate chosen by the end of February. However if they don’t, they will take all the time needed to find a good fit.

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