Pittsburg group hangs coats around town for those in need


PITTSBURG, Ks. — If you were in Pittsburg today, you may have seen coats hanging from light posts around the city.

JD Simpson, said, “If you need a coat, here they are.”

Dozens of coats are popping up around the city of Pittsburg.

They just walk up, if they can use it. Take it.

Thanks to a group called Warming Those In Need, members are placing coats in areas where homeless people can find them.

“As a truck driver, I see homelessness far more than I want to. I’ve been that person where I didn’t even have two pennies to rub together. I didn’t get a hand out, I got a hand up.”

Simpson says he saw a social media post of a similar cause overseas.

“The same thing is being done in Turkey and Bulgaria.”

It motivated him to bring the same giving spirit to Pittsburg.

“I liked the idea, I posted it on my news feed and got a lot of support on it.”

Members of the community rallied around the cause.

“In an hour, the group grew with well over 100 more people than we had before.”

Simpson says they aren’t just collecting coats.

“Winter items, maybe sitting in your closet, last year’s coat that you no longer wear or you’ve outgrown. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be brand new. It just has to keep somebody warm.”

He says this cause is bigger than himself.

“I personally do not want recognition, I don’t want my group to have recognition. I want the matter to have recognition so that maybe more people become more aware.”

If you would like to donate, you can reach out the Warming Those in Need Group on Facebook.

Just look up “Warming Those in Need” in the search bar.

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