Pittsburg firefighters honor 9/11 victims with memorial stair climb


Five Pittsburg firefighters traveled to Wichita this weekend for the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb.

Bearing all of their equipment, they climbed all 110 flights of stairs to represent all of the stairs in the World Trade Center.

Playing on a continuous loop during the climb were the dispatch calls from that day.

And on each level, there was a picture of a fallen first responder from the terrorist attack.

Tom Vacca with the Pittsburg Fire Department says the emotional experience is something he will remember for a lifetime.

“It’s my way to show my appreciation,” Vacca explained. “I really don’t do it for any type of recognition or anything. It’s just my way to show appreciation, respect. And a lot of people talk, saying, ‘Always remember, always remember,’ but it’s my way to physically go out and do something and show my support for them.”

Firefighters on the climb carried upwards of 45 pounds of equipment up the Epic Center in downtown Wichita.

The event required ten weeks of training for firefighters looking to participate.

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