Pittsburg event showcases canine helping abilities


Community members spend International Search and Rescue Day learning how dogs can help people in times of need.

The Pittsburg Public Library put on a Working K-9 to Five program to give lessons with the non-profit 4-State Search and Rescue.

The non-profit organization trains dogs to help with human remains detection, area wilderness, water, and disaster searches.

Since most people love dogs, library staff thought this event would be a perfect way to teach the community something new.

Carol Ann Robb, Adult Services Librarian, says, “I have been trying to get dogs in this library for a long time, so this is just a wonderful opportunity to let people know what all they’re able to do and how important of a job they serve, law enforcement and just the general public.”

Pittsburg Public Library staff are now getting ready for the summer reading program that will begin May 28th.

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