Pittsburg elementary students create own city to celebrate Kansas’ birthday


PITTSBURG, Ks. — Dozens of students at Lakeside Elementary in Pittsburg, celebrated Kansas’ 159th birthday by creating a city of their own.

The city is called Just Imagine Kansas and it’s a learning project that students have been working on for the past few months.

Allows students to learn about their communities, learn about city government, and celebrate partnerships with local businesses.

Wednesday students opened their city to the public, which included parents, local business owners, and community organizations.

The city is run and governed by the students and the city has it’s own post office, restaurants, police station, park, and banks, just like any other city.

We caught up with the Governor of just imagine and she says today was a success.

Natalie Enoch, Student, said, “We worked so hard to do this and so it’s so cool to see how it ends up and so it’s fun to just see it all get to do it now,”

Rhonda White, Principal, said, “One of the things that is very exciting about this is the students begin to understand how their work contributes to a community and how they have to work together and be able to understand that support that they offer.”

Principal White says one of their school district’s focal points is the profile of a graduate.

She says this program supports exactly what they would like to see in a graduate from their district, a student that can collaborate, think critically, and a good teammate.

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