PITTSBURG, Kan. (KSNF) – “Paul Walden Creations” officially launched at Root Coffeehouse in Pittsburg.

The paintings are inspired by the photographs of Derek Brumbaugh.

Paul isn’t your typical artist. He is a painter with autism.

He’s sold four pieces already and his craft is now blossoming.

Fellow artist and oil painter Wes Benson has helped Paul and mentored him along the way, and he couldn’t be more proud.

“The work speaks for itself. He’s done a marvelous job. I love seeing it all together. When you look at all the pieces together, there’s this sort of unifying synergy that goes on when you see all of them together,” said Benson.

“I like to paint the landscaping, and the Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, and the London Bridge, and the Great Wall of China,” said Walden.

Walden’s pieces will be on display through Friday night’s Pittsburg ArtWalk.