Pittsburg city officials continue moving forward with Imagine 2030 development project


Wednesday, Pittsburg city employees gathered to discuss how they are working to progress the city over the next 11 years. A couple main topics of discussion were housing, education, public wellness and economic development.

The meeting also invited guest speakers in to share their experience in the Southeast Kansas town, one being Brittan Brenner, who moved to Pittsburg back in 2015 to start her education at the university.

However,after graduation, she chose to stay because as a young person, she offers a different perspective to a growing town.

“It gets me really excited to get involved in things that may not be what I look at on a day-to-day basis,” explained Brenner, the Assistant City Manager for the City of Pittsburg. “And, it brings those goals into fruition so that the people that are going to graduate from Pitt State five years from now have the same passion I have for the community and have the same rigor to get out in the community and do what’s best for it.”

Initial planning for Imagine Pittsburg 2030 started back in 2010. Since then, the city has seen more than $400 million come into the area from planned businesses–all from the Imagine 2030 agenda.

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