PITTSBURG, Ks. — Updates on a number of projects were presented at Tuesday’s City Commission meeting in Pittsburg. A feasibility study has been completed to investigate a need for a conference center in town.

Consulting company Hunden Strategic Partners, which is based out of Chicago, deemed the Kansas Crossing Casino and Hotel as a prime location for the new addition. The study found there is a growing need for more meeting spaces within the city of Pittsburg, with city leaders saying they have had to turn away a number of conferences and gatherings in the past due to lack of accommodations.

Rob Scott Hunden, President, Hunden Strategic Partners, said, “So you just don’t really have anything that has a flexible, traditional conference center with ballrooms and meetings rooms. And so there’s a real opportunity from a supply and demand perspective to fill something up like that,”

Devin Gorman, Crawford County Visitors and Convention Bureau, said, “We’re happy that the consultants that have been evaluating our area have seen that there is a need for a conference center to accommodate a variety of groups coming in here in terms of conferences and business meetings.”

This study was paid for through funds provided by the city of Pittsburg and Crawford County. Pittsburg city Commissioners are looking forward to the new venture–Hunden will also present his findings to the County Commissioners as well.

Pittsburg’s Parks and Recreation Department provided an update on their splash pad project. Department Director Kim Vogel presented some renderings of the $300,000 upgrade. The splash pad will be at Schlanger Park and will have a little something for everyone.

Kim Vogel, Director, Pittsburg Parks and Recreation, said, “There are different features in the splash pad, there’s some taller features for the bigger kids to play under and some smaller features for children to sit on and things like that. And then a nice discovery water table that will have several leaves to it and areas that kids can stand and play and it can accommodate up to 16 kids at a time.”

Money for the project was provided through city funding and grants. The splash pad is set to be completed by may or June of 2021. Pittsburg Commissioners also approved to annex a plot of land into the city. The plot sits just south of Pittsburg, near Rouse Street. The hope is new development takes off there soon.

Cameron Alden, Public Works Director, Pittbsurg, said, “Since it’s right next to the residential development, next to the south rouse improvement, I expect that to be a residential development.”

Annexing land doesn’t happen too often, this typically happens when land owners want to have access to city services like utilities and emergency services.