PITTSBURG, Ks. — Pittsburg State University is welcoming a new sorority to its campus.

Three Pitt State students have been initiated into Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Latinas Poderosas Unidas, Incorporated.

The sorority is Latina based and was started at the State University of New York in 1992.

PSU is the third university in the Midwest to host the sorority.

The first three students to be initiated into the sorority are Nathalie Vasquez, Cassandra Roque, and Samatha Ruvalcaba.

Roque said, “We don’t have chapter status yet, we’re a colony. That’s because to begin to be an actual chapter to work up to this. Working a year or so on just requirements, fundraisers, social events, and just like philanthropy things like community service.”

The sorority will remain a colony until they meet certain requirements.

Then they’ll gain full chapter status and be able to recruit new initiates.