Pitt State students working on providing healthy food for everyone, no matter their location


Pittsburg State students are working on a way to provide healthy food for all, no matter where you live.

Dr. James Triplett, Special Asst. to the President for Sustainability, says, “This is just one of the approaches that I think hold a lot of promise.”

It’s called hydroponics.

It works by circulating water through a series of pipes to give plants nutrients, and the best part about it: It can be done just about anywhere.

Charlie Beetch, a PSU student, says, “Typically you would have it in a like closed environment such as like a green house and with that you have the environment to grow and have a longer growing period throughout the year instead of relying on the outside.”

The Students for Sustainability program executed the project in conjuction with another campus organization called Enactus.

Together, they used the planting system to help bring fresh produce to a food desert in Haiti.
Now, they are looking to add one more component to the garden to make it even more efficient.
Beetch adds, “We’re still in that stage now where we’re calibrating the system and figuring out how all the components work together. The fish provide a majority of the nutrients your plants like lettuce would be needing.”

The students plan on introducing fish to their man-made ecosystem next week.

Tilapia, in particular, offers another source of nutrients for the plants in addition to the water and soil.

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