Pitt State Pathway project redesigns general education on campus


PSU has been working on the Pitt State Pathway project for the past 3 years.

The goal is to make students look at general education classes differently, instead of just something they needed to get out of the way.

Dr. Mark Johnson, the General Educatiom Committee Chairman says, “Well, if you really think about it, general education is supposed to be a foundation. It lays the pathway so if you learn math and science, then you can apply it in the real world within your majors.”

A committee has boiled down the core objectives for the program to include communication, global understanding, scientific literacy and digital literacy, as well as personal and professional behaviors.

“We hope that they see a direct correlation and alignment of the courses that they’re taking and see direct application into whatever careers they go into. And that they understand that ‘I’m glad I took that class because I can do this better,'” he says.

Pittsburg State plans on implementing the program for the upcoming summer classes and incoming freshmen in the fall.

Instructors and their departments will be responsible for aligning the courses and ensuring they play off core classes.

“By sequencing it through my four years, then it makes sense that I take a class that I’m going to need over here closer to the time I take it, so I retain the information, apply it and make more ready use of it,” says Dr. Johnson.

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