Summer camps usually help keep kids physically active, but an area university is offering one that keeps kids’ brains active.

It used to be that if students went to school over the summer break, it’s because they didn’t work hard enough during the school year.

But that’s not the case anymore.

In fact, the annual Pittsburg State University Summer Technology Workshop, running this week and next, is starting its 15th year.

“Our robotics camp actually centers on creative thinking, innovation engineering ideas, where we’re actually getting the kids to become active problem solvers. To do that, we utilize a lot of Lego Mindstorm systems, so we create little Lego robots,” explained Norman Philipp with Pitt State’s School of Construction.

And that’s just what they do the first half of the day.

“In the afternoon, with our construction camp, we introduce kids to a lot of the ideas of what is construction,” Philipp continued. “It’s more than just swinging a hammer, but we also introduce our kids to a lot of the ideas of management and also and how to actually be safe with those tools and hopefully, get an idea of when they actually go out and build things.”

Sarah Winzer likes the concept of helping to build something out of nothing.

“And it’s really fun to see how to make something come alive basically,” said Winzer, a fifth grader at Lakeside Elementary.

Henry Philipp says it’s fun to see what you can come up with when everyone’s on the same page.

“You get to continually do teamwork and that’s one of the bigger things,” Henry Philipp explained.

It’s not too late to get your child signed up for next week’s camp. The cost is $100.

For more information, call (620)235-4350.