Pitt State completes multi-staged renovation project on Axe Library


Tuesday marked the completion of a multi-phase project set to bring Pittsburg State’s library to the 21st Century.

The Leonard H. Axe Library underwent plenty of renovations this past summer, with the most recent being the new first floor of the library. New additions include classrooms, study rooms, treadmills that also double as desks for students to excercise while they get work done, and a brand new cafe.

The modernized facility opened to students this afternoon for use and they were eager to enjoy the brand new space.

“We’ve probably already had 50-60 students wander in here,” explained Dean of Library Services Randy Roberts. “They moved right into the study rooms, they went to the coffee shop, they’re seating themselves all over and studying. I mean, within the first 5 minutes. So that was extremely gratifiying and fulfilling to me to see students just take to the new space immediately and begin to use it the way that we hope they will throughout the future. “

This phase of the project cost about $926,000. And, the project was actually spearheaded by a Pitt State alum, Matt Dennett, who says he always wished to work on a project at the place that helped him get his start.

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