Pittsburg State University’s biology department was chosen for the Smithsonian’s “Snapshot USA.”

PSU is just one of 49 other colleges in the country tasked with tracking mammal diversity by using trap cameras.

The university was chosen for the program because one biology student began his own project last year monitoring eight species within the area.

And, his research caught the attention of the Smithsonian.

As of today, ten cameras were placed in forests around Pittsburg.

“Understanding what kind of mammals that we have in our habitats will help us to understand what kind of ways that we can enhance the habitats that we already have,” explained Pitt State biology professor Christine Brodsky. “And some areas that we have here in Kansas are already a really great habitat, but maybe we could plant some more native plants.”

The cameras will stay up in Pittsburg for two months.

And, after all data has been analyzed and processed, pictures will be made available to the public on e-Mammal in December.