PITTSBURG, Ks. — Teachers from across the country are coming to make a difference in what students learn in the classroom.

Pitsco has just announced the 28 members of The Ambassador Group or TAG.

The group is made up of educators from 14 different states, and over the next year they will provide Pitsco with feedback, product and activity ideas and marketing assistance, all to help develop STEM, STEAM and STREAM skills across the country.

“We know that education looks differently in all different kinds of communities, the core of the mission is the same, but the approaches might be different, and so we want to make sure that we have an inclusive insight into how educators are actually working in our classrooms, And it will be an ongoing process but we’re really excited to see what they contribute to our community and their communities,” says Jessica Born, PITSCO Sr. Demand Generation Manager.

This year’s group has two members from Southeast Kansas: Adam Brown from Lakeside Elementary in Pittsburg and Mark Spore from Fort Scott High School.