Pineville to celebrate 100th anniversary


PINEVILLE, Mo. — A city in McDonald County is celebrating 100 years.

Shirley Morgan Alps, Pineville Resident, said, “You’re sitting in my backyard, I use to live in this spot right here.”

Shirley Morgan Alps’ childhood home used to be where the McDonald County Courthouse is now.

“My mom and my brother in 1953 planted that pine tree that is outside now.”

Things have changed drastically from what Alps remembers.

“Growing up this whole square was filled with buildings and all of those buildings were full with businesses.”

Including how the town celebrates Christmas.

“We would go through the courthouse and each child would get a sack of candy that had fruit and candy in it and that candy at that time was not the wrapped kind. This use to be the kind that would be in the barrels.”

Pineville has been home to many residents.

Kenny Underwood, McDonald County Recorder Deeds, said, “The town’s been continuously populated since 1847 that’s 172 years. In 1919 it was incorporated into a village.”

Since then the town has experienced several improvements and changes including the filming of the Jesse James movie in 1938 and the implementation of a use tax in 1997.

“It gave us money to make our city one of the finer places in the United States.”

To preserve 100 years of history, city officials are transferring their memories from books to computers.

“Luckily if we get it digitized then it will be here forever.”

To celebrate this accomplishment, Pineville is hosting an anniversary ceremony along with its annual lighted Christmas parade to celebrate its 100 years this Saturday.

The birthday celebration begins at 4 P.M. And the parade at 5:00 P.M. On Saturday, December 7th.

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