A picture taken at East Newton High School is causing a stir on social media.

“Someone very close to me in defense of the student said, ‘How can you guys judge him from one single post?’ But I’ve gotten judged a lot of times based on the color of my skin. He made that choice and I didn’t,” says Shaela Williams.

On Thursday, during a blood drive at the East Newton High School, a picture was taken of a student holding up a sign with a racial slur.

“Something needs to happen obviously if that’s still an issue at this school district,” says Shaela Williams.

“We became aware of it almost immediately after it was posted on social media, so our high school principal took swift action and investigated and disciplined the student according to school policy,” says Ron Mitchell, East Newton School District superintendent.

While the superintendent could not comment on what disciplinary action was taken, the handbook clearly states: verbal and written language that is directed at any person that is in violation of district policy that is rude, vulgar, or inappropriate will be disciplined with after school detention, Saturday school, or out of school suspension.

“We looked at it as something that’s inappropriate completely that’s disrespectful and vial, so we didn’t look at it as a minor incident we looked at it as something that we can’t tolerate and allow to happen, “says Ron Mitchell.

Quick action taken by the school this time is something Williams hopes will continue, so incidents like this never happen again.

“All the years of just ignoring it and laughing along with other students, because that was easier than fighting with a bunch of you know other kids you know you learn to just laugh it off and it’s just not funny anymore,” says Shaela Williams.