Petition to be filed against MO right to work legislation

Governor Eric Greitens signed a right to work bill into law Monday, despite strong disaproval from Missouri Democrats.
Executive Director of Southwest Missouri Democrats Krista Stark says now attention is turning to “a citizens referendum for a citizens’ veto.” Stark tells us that means they’ll be working to gather signatures to force the issue to appear on the ballot for Missouri voters to decide. 
She says once the collection process begins, they’ll have until August 28th to collect signatures amounting to 5% of those that voted in last November’s general election in each congressional district the petition is circulated in.
Democrats will also be picking six of Missouri’s eight congressional districts to circulate those petitions in.
“If we collect enough signatures by the 28th of August to have it put on the ballot, the governor then gets to decide which ballot it is put on,” Stark explained. “But, there is effectively a stay on the law going into effect until it has been voted on by the voters.”
Stark says Democrats will hold a training session on the petition in Jefferson City in the next couple of weeks. After that, there will be training sessions in locations throughout the state.

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