Permitless carry now in effect in Oklahoma


OKLAHOMA–Now that permitless carry is in effect in Oklahoma it has left many people asking questions about how the law works and who it effects.

As of November 1st, Oklahomans can carry a weapon without a permit. And, citizens who are have a good record can also purchase a gun without training and licensing.

Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd is educating people on what they need to know about this new law.

“There are a lot of stipulations you can and cannot do,” Floyd explained.

People have to be an Oklahoma citizen to qualify for that open carry.

“If you come in from out of state and you are not an Oklahoma citizen and you have an open carry, unless you have a concealed carry that the state accepts, then you not considered a part of that open carry.”

Also, law enforcement have the right to check their ID.

Law enforcement is adapting to the changes.

“It is something we might heighten a little bit and as far as when we conduct our business with someone like a traffic stop or a call or whatever, we might be a little more cautious,” said Floyd. “We want to make sure that if it is a dangerous situation, that that individual is not armed.”

And for state lawmakers including Ben Loring, they are dealing with the aftermath of it all.

“Let’s say somebody’s walking around Roosevelt Elementary School with an automatic rifle strapped over his shoulder,” Loring explianed. “Under the old law, police office certainly had the right to walk up them and ask to see their license. Now the police officer has no legal right whatsover to talk to the person and that’s what scares me.”

Floyd encourages people to consider carrying concealed weapons so you’re not considered a potential target.

He says this still gives you the oppoturnity to protect yourself or others if a dangerous situation presents itself.

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