People gather on Carthage square to pray for first responders


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — In some parts of the U.S., residents are protesting for change and ending racism in the U.S.

But here in the Four States, they’re doing something much different.

Priscilla Job, Event Organizer, said, “Father I just want to pray for safety for our EMS and law enforcement and fire to be able to perform they’re duties well.”

Above each of the entrances into the Jasper County Courthouse it reads, “in god we trust”.

So what better place to assemble and ask for the protection of area law enforcement and first responders?

Prayer on the square was the idea of Priscilla Job, a Paramedic who also happens to be married to a Deputy.

“Rob and I were talking, which is my husband, talking about something practical that we could do and one of the things he kept reminding me was be the change that you want to see, and then just through prayer I just feel like the Lord just lead me to be open about praying for our law enforcement and our police and fire and make sure that they’re protected.”

Tim Williams says he appreciates the prayers said for him and other local law enforcement officers, and he’s praying it forward for his bothers and sisters in metropolitan areas.

Sgt. Tim Williams, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Community Police Officer, said, “Well right now there’s a lot of anger geared towards law enforcement, like I said, we’re being judged by the actions of a select few and that does not represent the agencies as a whole and a lot of officers are getting hurt so we want to pray for their safety and everyone on the front line trying to protect people.”

Tim Sumners is a Chaplain for area police and fire departments says we should be praying for them all the time, not just at this point in time.

Tim Sumners, Police & Fire Department Chaplain, said, “The EMS people particularly, some of the accidents that they have to roll up on and the things they see, particularly when it involves little children, and it really eats at their hearts and their minds and they want to unsee what they’ve seen, but you can’t unsee what you’ve seen.”

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