Pensacola Dam Getting a Face Lift


A historical dam in Langley is in need of major repair that will cause some traffic delays

” Well we actuallly have a shop here in town and we live on that side of the dam so we cross it every single day and its scary when there is big trucks going by trucks pulling trailers their is no room at all to pass if you’re driving a truck you need to turn the mirrors in.” said Laurie Morris, Disney Resident 
So, the GRDA and ODOT are partnering together to keep the historic site of the Pensacola Dam route safe for years to come by widening the road. They will also begin with a resurfacing of the roadway on the dam and two spillways in 2020
 ” Built in 1940 for 1940 traffic and all the growth we’ve had in the last almost 80 years now things have changed.” said Justin Alberty, VP Corporate Communications GRDA
Prompting the agencies to make a nine month closure at the dam which has mixed reviews from the community.
” They are looking at almost a year of repairs which means we have to drive all the way around which is an extra 40 minutes for us to go back and forth.”said Laurie Morris, Disney Resident 
However, Morris does see the benefits of the nearly 15 million dollar project. 
  “When the weather is bad it’s even worse they can’t salt the dam so they can’t treat the ice or snow or whatever on it so it stays on it longer than normal and makes it worse.” said Laurie Morris, Disney Resident 
 Officials are hoping these improvements will help prevent crashes.
 Which has been an increasing issue with about 3200 vehicles traveling the road daily. 
With the dam’s history, the team must take special precautions for construction. 
 ” It is on the National Register of Historic Places and their are things that will have to be done associated with that to kind of help preserve that history of the look and the feel of what was intended when they first built it in 1940.” 

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