NEVADA, Mo. — A Southeast Kansas products company has just expanded into Southwest Missouri.

How will Peerless Products Inc. Shape the future for the Nevada community and customers?

This expansion will not only provide jobs, but it will also make getting parts and supplies easier for those in the construction industry.

Mindy Carpenter, Innovative Solutions Final Mile Manager, said, “Not only for us, but it was for our customers, so we had somewhere to go with the product, until they could take it to the construction sites.”

As of last Summer, Peerless Products Inc expanded from Fort Scott to Nevada.

This company has been a prominent window manufacturer in the area since the 1950s, employing 420 people.

And with demand increasing from customers, Peerless Products decided to expand into the warehouse business.

“They can take it let’s say on-demand as they need it by floor as the building is built. Everything’s already here. They can call us and say okay we’re ready for floor two or floor three or whatever floor they’re ready for. On this date it’s already built. They’re not waiting for us to provide them product.”

With this new expansion, Peerless Products are hopeful for the future of their company.

Jeremiah Richards, Innovative Solutions Director, said, “We have product that we want to get into. We have expansions in the manufacturing side of things that we have to develop into and this facility is going to give that opportunity. Western Missouri, Eastern Kansas, these are places that have hardworking people that build good quality product.”

As for Nevada and the surrounding communities, new opportunities will provide more jobs.

“I think over the course of this year, the facility, getting it back up to standards to be a manufacturing plant is the goal and with that comes into certain aspects. Right now, it’s a finished goods facility only. In the next 60 days, we hope to make it somewhat of a raw goods facility.”

At the end of those 60 days, Peerless Products Inc. Will be able to house tools needed, such as wood, metal, and other equipment.

The company’s long term goals are to get into manufacturing and create a research and development facility.

In which the Innovative Solutions Director adds, all departments will create more jobs for this area.