Pediatricians say getting your children vaccinated is the safest option before they go back to school


JOPLIN, MO – Freeman Health System is putting a focus on youth vaccinations.

With school set to start next month, pediatricians are urging parents of kids 12 and older to get their children vaccinated for COVID-19.

Safety is a big reason.

Along with making sure kids don’t have to quarantine and miss any school activities.

Pediatricians at Freeman Health System have seen the serious effects of COVID-19 in children.

One of those being Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome.

“It can mean a lengthy hospital stay, it can effect the heart, the lungs, the brain. It’s inflammation from head to toe, and these kids are pretty sick, and we’ve had them come in the door with these symptoms.” Says Dr. Beth Garrett, Freeman Health System M.D.

“Even though a small percentage may get serious illness, if that’s your child it doesn’t matter that only a small percentage of children get critically ill. So, we want to protect all children, as many as we can.” Says Dr. Amanda Dickerson, Freeman Health System M.D.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is even more important for children that already have lower immune systems.

“If they already have health conditions that make them compromised, or make them more prone to infection, maybe they’re immunosuppressed for their autoimmune condition, that vaccine is the best shot that they got to have a good response to Covid-19.” Says Dr. Garrett.

While doctors say getting the vaccine is the best option for your child, it’s also the safest.

“With hundreds of thousands of kids across the country being at risk for COVID, I think having a vaccine in place that’s been tested and found safe in children is the best way to keep our kids safe from getting sick with COVID.” Says Dr. Dickerson.

Freeman Health System is having a back to school vaccine clinic on July 13th.

The second dose from this clinic will be on August 11th, so they can be fully vaccinated before school starts back up.

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