Pediatricians remind families to make drowning prevention a priority



Many of us will be spending time in the water this 4th of July to beat the heat.

Pediatricians want to remind families to make drowning prevention a priority when it comes to their children. Nearly a thousand kids in the U.S. drown each year, 80 percent of them are boys. One of the most important things parents can do to prevent that tragedy is by appointing a “water watcher”, something similar to a designated driving when drinking.

“An adult that knows CPR especially that is designated to watch the water, not assuming that somebody else is watching your child, if you assume somebody’s watching your child, then you know that nobody is watching your child, that’s somebody that’s not on the phone, socializing, somebody that’s not drinking alcohol.”

Dr. Beth Garrett, Freeman Health System Pediatrician

She says swimming lessons are also a great way to decrease the odds of a child drowning. Even kids over the age of one aren’t too young to take lessons.

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