Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise in Missouri

State officials say the number of pedestrian deaths are on the rise.
The Missouri Department of Transportation reports that so far this year, eighty-three pedestrians have been killed in traffic crashes throughout the state. That represents about ten percent of the total traffic crash fatalities in the state so far this year. To help curb the problem, MODoT officials are offering you some advice. First, eliminate distractions like texting while walking near traffic. Along with that, they recommend not using headphones, since this could leave you unable to hear oncoming cars. When you cross a road, always use designated crosswalks and obey crosswalk signals. Make you self visible by wearing light colored clothing. If you are traveling and your car breaks down, they suggest staying inside of the vehicle. For other drivers who come across a car on the side of the road. They suggest slowing down and keeping an eye out for someone near the vehicle.

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