STOCKTON, MO – With a peach shortage hitting the Midwest, many farmers are without one of summers stand-out fruits.

Due to the harsh winter, “J B Pate Orchard and Produce” doesn’t have any peaches of their own to sell.

In fact, this year’s winter wiped out all but one of their peach trees.

“Peach buds normally won’t survive minus 12 degrees. This year it got to 15 to 17 here, and it just got most of them.” Says John Pate, J B Pate Orchard and Produce Founder.

Because of this, the orchard is now shipping peaches in from South Carolina and Dunklin, Missouri.

“Wherever you can find them at that’s where you want to get the peaches. Because you’re in business, you want to stay open, and as long as you get good fruit, if you don’t get fruit from that area, you quit.” Says Pate.

Although they can get peaches shipped in, John says it’s just not the same as freshly grown.

“When you got your own, you always sell more, you know. Some people just won’t come and buy shipped in peaches at all because they’ve been burnt on them too many times.” Says Pate.

Not only has the peach shortage affected farmers, but Pate adds it will affect other businesses as well.

“This will even affect the chemical producers for the farmers buy their chemicals from. They’re not going to sell any to us this year, very few.” Says Pate.

From the orchards one remaining peach tree, Pate says those peaches will be ready to pick come mid August.