Payless creates fake luxury store, tricks ‘influencers’ into paying $600 for $20 shoes


With a fake luxury store, Payless tricked people into paying $200-600 for shoes that normally sell for much less, CBS contributors in Philadelphia report.

As an experiment, CBS Philly says Payless invited a number of fashion influencers to the grand opening of a fake store.

They called it “Palessi.”

Some of the shoes people payed hundreds of dollars for normally sell for $40.

According to CBS Philly, Payless did this to “remind customers that the retailer is a place to shop for affordable fashion that also looks great.”

The fashion influencers who attended the “grand opening” of “Palessi” spoke highly of the shoes, noting their looks and materials.

The influencers were eventually told what was really going on, and they received their money back. They were allowed to keep the shoes though.

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