Patriotic Pies


Could there be anything more patriotic than the 4th of July and apple pie? How about the 4th of July and pecan, or cherry, or lemon meringue? Volunteers with an area church are baking those for a good cause.

Many of us associate the Fourth of July with fireworks. But ask a growing number of people in Joplin what they think of first for the Fourth and they may say pies, thanks to the hard work of volunteers with Byers United Methodist Church over the past two and a half decades. Instead of work, Jane Obert, a 23 year baking veteran says it’s more a labor of love.

“Oh it is and we have so much fun, we have several work days in advance where we make frozen apple and cherry pies for the sale. We just have so much fun and a lot of people, we have a few people that come that aren’t even members of the church that just enjoy coming and helping us for the pie back,” says Jane Obert.

There are five flavors that come in two different sizes, ten inch and minies. One of the most gratifying parts of the July 4th tradition is being able to donate the money they raise to causes of their choice.

There are about 25 volunteers here at pie central, about half of them are making pies with the other half playing supporting roles.

“Well the whole thing actually got started when the pastor gave everybody ten dollars and said “go multiply it.” So some of the ladies took their ten dollars and bought ingredients and made pies and sold them and turned it into 20 dollars, and they were really tasty and so it just launched from there that we could do this as a regular fundraiser,” says Jane Obert.

You can still order pies for the Fourth of July by going to the church’s website, which we have a link to here.

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