PARSONS, Ks. — Major progress has been made for a community project in Southeast Kansas.
The Parsons Area Splash Pad has officially passed it’s phase one fundraising goal of $75,000.

The committee behind the Forest Park project has ordered the equipment which is scheduled to arrive in February, with construction beginning in March and a potential grand opening during KT days in May.

“We’re pretty much going to be getting all of this concrete out and starting to bring in fill and everything,” says Breanna Nush, Parsons Area Splash Pad Chair, “Our next bit is officially called Phase 2 and we are working for benches, awnings and fencing.”

Two different fundraisers are underway to help raise around $35,000 for phase two, a Valentines Day basket raffle and a brick fundraiser.

Both can be found through the project’s Facebook page.