Parsons prepares to celebrate 150th anniversary


PARSONS, Ks. — Back in 1871 prairie lands in Southeast Kansas became the city of Parsons, and the citizens are getting ready to celebrate.

A pair of historians are getting together to help the city celebrate it’s 150th birthday.

Cole Page, Parsons Resident, said, “It’s gonna be great, I would say that if it’s 150 years anniversary, this town is still growing, and we’re all committed here.”

Parsons has been preparing for their 150th anniversary for quite some time now, refurbishing and uniting the city for this historic celebration. Now two local historians are making sure citizens remember their incredible past, something they’ve deeply believed in.

Dave Mattox, Co-Organizer of 150th Celebration of Parsons, said, “We’ve always been interested, we’ve done other projects together, some other books and other projects involving local history and that’s why I wanted to get involved.”

Recently Dave Mattox and Mike Brotherton finished chronicling Parsons 150 years history. Now they’re making sure they can bring their book, and the history of Parsons, to life. They already have 8 months of events planned.

“However many chapters we had, for each chapter we would have a display and presentation for that chapter.”

They won’t even let the pandemic stop them. In the event that the pandemic is still a problem during the celebrations, safety measures are being made.

“We’re doing it with the thought that if the pandemic is still here that those things can be done, we would just hand out flyers or whatever and those things could be done with a small group of family or friends.”

Just to make sure that the home they love so much gets the attention it deserves.

“Every once in a while you need to pause and look back and generally people don’t do it on a daily basis, but when you get to the 100th, the 125th, the 150th, it’s a good time to take a look back at you got where you are.”

With the help of businesses and citizens around parsons, the plan is to start these festivities in March 2021. Displays for historic parks, businesses, and influential people are already planned along with a virtual scavenger hunt.

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