Parsons police suspect ties between two recent shootings


Early Sunday morning, Parsons police responded to gunfire at PK Bar and Grill.

When police arrived, the suspect(s) had fled the scene, leaving a vehicle riddled with bullet holes and one bystander injured.

“When they arrived, in the parking lot there were estimated about 100 people. As they get in there and they try to figure out what’s going on, they find one victim that was shot in the back,” explained Drug Task Force Commander Mike Powell.

Witnesses to the crime say they heard about 30 to 50 rounds go off. But according to police, this crime has similarities a shooting that took place on 29th and Clark just a few months ago.

“Some of the names that came up in that incident were some of the same names that came up in the shooting at PK’s Bar and Grill,” Powell added.

Back in May, the gunshots rang out on a neighborhood street, and details from that crime are beginning to become relevant now.

“We’re starting to put some puzzle pieces together, we’ve got a couple people of interest that we’re trying to locate so we can interview them and what their involvement in the shooting may have been,” said Powell.

And while officers continue their investgation, they are looking for cooperation from the public. They recommend for residents to stay vigilant while they search for answers.

“The largest concern we have is that the gentleman that was shot appears to be an innocent bystander,” Powell continued.” And so with so many people out there and bullets being shot, we’re very thankful we didn’t have more injuries or a death. So, we are asking people if they hear it or see it, report it because we can’t continue to have these things go on in our community.”

The next step in this investigation will take a look at the eight shell casings found in the May shooting and compare to the ones found at PK Bar and Grill.

If anyone has any information on the crime, they can call Parsons PD at (620)421-7060 or at (620)421-7057.

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