Parsons Police Department increasing enforcement around the high school


PARSONS, Ks. — Police departments across the country are helping high school students stay safe.

That includes the Parsons Police Department. They’ve been increasing their enforcement in and around local high schools. This is part of their Conduct Enforcement campaign, designed around raising awareness for roadway safety.

Paxton Swanson, Parsons High School Student, said, “It’s nice that they are taking interest in us and keeping us safe.”

This time of year is very important for police departments all over the country. Together with several organizations, they’ll be working to make high schools a little safer.

Jordan Tomilson, Parsons Police Department, said, “The Kansas Department of Transportation and the SAFE program are hosting a two week seat belt enforcement that’s targeting teen drivers around high schools.”

As new drivers, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death.

“Due to the high amount of fatalities and accidents involving children 15 to 18 years old, we’re hosting this program to increase compliance by enforcing seat belt laws.”

Something which hits close to home for Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks.

Robert Spinks, Parsons Police Chief, said, “My very first fatal crash investigation, way back in 1981, involved a high school student who was getting ready to graduate, didn’t have his seat belt and was killed and to this day, I can still close my eyes and see that face staring at me.”

Moments like these have made this project a major one for the department. Wanting to make sure they serve their public and protect their high school students.

“Kids are the most valuable resource we have in the community, and by participating in this program, we are potentially helping save kids lives,” said Tomilson.

And making sure those new drivers have a bright future ahead of them.

“It’s nice knowing that maybe the safety will increase around our area, wherever we go it’ll be a little safer on the road,” said Swanson.

Officers will be issuing citations for those they see violating any traffic laws. This includes speeding, texting, or failing to use your seat belt. The increase in enforcement will continue until March fifth, but police ask if you see anyone driving unsafe near the school, or anywhere in the city, to contact the police department.

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