Parsons Police Department gets new tech to help streamline inter-departmental efforts


PARSONS, Ks. — New technology at the Parsons Police Department will ensure officers can spend more time on patrol rather than filing out paperwork at the office.

What is this new technology?

They’re new computers.

An addition that will also help align them with the software other area police departments use as well.

Dennis Dodd, Deputy Chief, Parsons Police Department, said, “We’ve updated all of our patrol toughbooks, that we have in the cars, the ones we currently had in there were becoming outdated.”

In an effort to be able to do more work from the field, the Parsons Police Department recently outfitted their patrol vehicles with new computers.

This new technology allows them to share information with surrounding law enforcement agencies.

“Our operating system, we’re connected to Labette County and some other police departments. It gives real time information to the officers.”

And even complete reports from their vehcile.

“If we can get the information faster, we can protect the community better.”

Officers say their main objective is to protect their community, and that all starts by being able to spend more time out on patrol.

“The more an officer can be seen out in the public and in the community, it makes the community fee a little safer. Basically, the community is the backbone of Parsons.”

Dodd adds this new advancement also allows officers to social distance during the covid-19 pandemic.

These new computers were about $16,000 and they were paid for through the city’s public safety tax.

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