Parsons PD releases annual report


A southeast Kansas police department produces what the chief says is the first annual report done by the agency.

Parsons police chief Robert Spinks presented the annual report to city commissioners Monday night. The report reflects data from the last four years, looking at several areas, like violent crimes and theft. One area Spinks says saw a vast improvement was the number of traffic accidents. Crashes fell from 234 in 2017 to 150 last year. Spinks says the data also showed that officers are taking the right approach to enforcing the rules of the road.

“For every citation we issue, we actually give 2.41 warnings,” Spinks says. “Our officers are embracing what our policy is: use the lowest level of enforcement to gain the highest level of voluntary compliance.”

Chief Spinks says the report also underscores the need for stronger drug enforcement in the community. He says at the next Parsons city commission meeting, he, the county sheriff and the county attorney will be making a presentation regarding the formation of a small task force aimed at doing just that.
The report also shows an improvement in several areas, including vehicle theft, which was down from thirty-five instances in 2017 to thirty-three in 2018. Reports of theft fell from 591 in 2017 to 336 in 2018, and reports of burglaries fell from 161 in 2017 to 124 in 2018.

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