Parsons in Carthage

From St. Louis and Springfield to St. Joseph, Missouri's new governor is traveling the state on a listening tour which today includes Carthage.
Governor Mike Parson wants to get a closer look at different parts of the state and local issues. But he's also emphasizing the need for different regions to work together toward improvements statewide.
"Infrastructure - you know people look at that from all angles across our state. And we've got an opportunity here I really believe to move Missouri forward,” says MO Gov. Mike Parson.
New infrastructure is a top priority for Governor Mike Parson, along with the economy and jobs He toured the Leggett and Platt Flexolators plant as part of his Carthage stop.
"The old days of lifting some old bulk piece of metal or cutting it off with a saw is about over with. And as I go through this company you see robotics out there a lot of it and that's the new wave and we've got to prepare for that,” says Parson.
Parson addressed funding for education, the importance of reducing crime and the massive change he's facing with his new job.
"It was very sobering for us to realize this was going to be a reality and it comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility,” says Parson.
How he found out about the job change highlights the difference from his former life as both an elected official and farmer.
"I wasn't on the tractor - I was getting up cattle at the time. Make sure you get that right because I've already heard I was baling hay and all this stuff,” says Mike Parson.
All kidding aside, Parson realizes how important it is to be the governor but adds at the end of the day he's a public servant just like the county sheriff or a state senator. After just 12 days in office, it's a big learning curve for him - one that he compares to the saying "drinking water from a fire hose."

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